Lovell Godfery

Lovell Godfrey Staines Hilda's father

ann staines

Ann Bartlett nee Staines Hilda's sister


Richard and Henry Staines Hildas brothers

Richard Staines Hilda's brother



A very young Hilda Ahlèn nee Staines

A very young Beatrice Staines nee Murrells Hilda's mum

Dorothy Staines Hilda's sister


Henry Staines Hilda's brother

William Staines Hilda's brother

Hilda Ahlen nee Staines last year at school February 1962










Staines is a name of ancient Anglo-Saxon origin and comes from the family once having lived in the parish of Staines in the counties of Middlesex and Surrey.

Sound was what guided spelling in the essentially pre-literate middle Ages, so one person's name was often recorded under several variations during a single lifetime.

Therefore, spelling variations were common, even among the names of the most literate people. Known variations of the Staines family name include Stain, Staine, Staines, Stane, Stanes, Stayn and others.

First found in Yorkshire where they were seated from very ancient times, and may have given their name to a number of places in Yorkshire including several Staintons, Stainland, Stainforth or Stainburn.

However, the first on record was Sir William Staine who married into the Yarboroughs of Heslington Hall about the year 1100.

Early records of North America revealed a number of immigrants bearing the name include: Ruth Staines who settled in Barbados in 1691; William and Mary Staines settled in Maryland in 1775; Charles Staines settled in North Carolina in 1674.

The Staines also cause confusion in that we know very little about Hilda's Grandmother Frances Maggie Thurston we know she was born 1877 in East Ashford
She lived at Kingsford St Farm, Mersham ,Kent in 1881
In 1891 census she was a servant to Agnes and Frank Hobbs at 3 Home Farm, Smeeth East Ashford as a house maid .She married Richard Sutton in Milton 1911
Mother of Lovell Godfrey Staines Hilda's Father
She remarried Richard L James (after Richard Suttons death in1918) in Uxbridge 1923 under the name Staines
She died in Watford age 77 in 1954

We do not know what she did between 1918 and 1923. We do no that she had a sweet shop in Northwood, Middlesex but she was a mystery between these dates.

Hilda's grandfather Richard Sutton Staines was a well know bell ringer at Queenbourough,Holy Trinity and also worked munitions worker, Aeroplane works

Hilda and David Staines Hilda's nephew at Pinner fair